What is Get Connected?

Get Connected is a world first small business (big statement I know) that allows businesses of all types and sizes with little to no knowledge of the world of search engine optimization to drive their own SEO while helping to generate and respond to online reviews helping them to grow their online community.

Get Connected allows you to easily manage and drive your online review requests and SEO efforts

For as little as $1 a day it allows small businesses, e-commerce sites, retail stores, shopping centres, local traders and services to be in control and influence their online community.

Get connected allows you the the ability to EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY manage and monitor your websites keywords performance, allowing you to take action on your website to drive your Google, Bing and other search engine ranking.

Get Connected makes ranking your website higher, easy.

Get Connected submits your website to over 50 key online directories INCLUDING key Australian ones and more are being constantly added. This means that Get Connected is constantly driving your online presence and can be monitored by you using your online dashboard.


Get Connected is affordable at only $1 a day with NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS

We make it easy and convenient for your customers to be able to find you, CONNECT with you and leave a REVIEW for you about their experience.


Get Connected helps you generate more GENUINE CUSTOMER REVIEWS and RECOMMENDATIONS

Did you know that a steady stream of online reviews affects your SEO?

One of the biggest frustrations of all businesses is getting customers to leave a review based on the service they received from your business on popular social sites, HiPages, eBay, amazon, Google and more has been difficult and time consuming to say the least.

Do you suffer this same frustration?

Your ‘Get Connected’ dashboard allows you to send your customers a direct link to your preferred page so that they can easily and conveniently leave a review based on their experience with your business. Get Connected automatically sends you back a notification when a review is left so you can respond further monitoring and managing your online reputation, regardless if the review is good or bad.

Do you agree that it would be important to be able to acknowledge reviews immediately?

Especially a poor one?

After all, negative reviews that are left  not responded to will damage your reputation. When answered quickly, customers can see that you care.

“Fun fact: 48% of people who do online searches will visit a businesses website after reading positive reviews.” (source Vendasta.com)


Get Connected is affordable at only $1 a day with NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS and makes it easy and convenient for your customers to be able to find you, contact you and most importantly CONNECT with you.


Easy to Drive Genuine Reviews

Get Connected makes it easy to share your review invitations using our simple tools built into your dashboard. You can share by SMS or email, bulk upload customer files to make it easy and edit the message being sent out all in the convenience of your easy to navigate dashboard.


Really affordable solution for businesses of any size

At only $1 a day, your business can have a stronger online presence, build your brands reputation and become part of your targeted online community.

Get Connected puts you in control of your online,presence and marketing like never before and for as little as $1 a day! At a low cost of just $30 a month,  with NO LOCK IN CONTRACT, CANCEL ANYTIME!

What more can you ask for!

A no risk, easy to use solution to your problem of generating genuine customer reviews and getting your website ranking better.



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